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About Skilled Soldiers

Skilled Soldiers was formed in 2007 as a single game clan for America's Army 2. After several years Skilled Soldiers grew to be very popular and had many dedicated members and servers until America's Army 3 was released. As Skilled Soldiers expanded to America's Army 3 it also expanded into several other games including FEAR Combat and Guild Wars.

In 2010 Skilled Soldiers went private and closed all access to the public. As a small group of family and friends Skilled Soldiers continued to be a private group until late 2012 and reopen as a public mutli-game communtiy and started accepting members once again.

Skilled Soldiers now expands into any game that is popular and holds the best chances to bring new members and is driven by ideas and suggestions from dedicated members.

Skilled Soldiers Staff Members:
Owner / Founder: James B. (M@CH!N3)
Administrator: Allen N. (SgtViper)
Administrator: Koren B. ($ilentOne)
Web Administrator: Jim B. (Insane1)

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