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General Rules for our Community

General Rules for our Community
This includes our website, teamspeak, and all game servers!
We work hard to make a FUN place for gamers to play, So we ask you follow these rules if you wish to play on our servers, use our teamspeak, or be able to use our website.

  • Respect other players and chat - We ask that you keep chat clean and respectful by not calling other players unwanted names because you feel upset or don't like something they did. If you have a problem with a player take it somewhere else don't spam our server chat with unwanted messages. Other players don't want to see it! If you abuse our server chat you will be muted from all players.

  • EXPLOITS - DO NOT under any circumstance use or try to use an exploit you know or heard about in our servers! We take exploits seriously and we consider them no different than hacks. Exploits are mechanics of the game used in ways they were not intended or work around certain restrictions and if you know of or find an exploit go post it on the game's website so it can be fixed ASAP!

  • Griefing - A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Any player caught acting in this manner will be banned.


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